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The historic Calumet in Jasper was built in 1941

But, the property on which it sits has a history that, according to the local newspaper the Dubois County Herald, dates back to May of 1899 when the Calumet Lake Corporation formed with the purpose of creating a lake for recreational purposes. Within a year, the lake was completed and the area became a popular spot.  Operations for the Calumet Lake Corporation continued until the organization dissolved in 1914, the lake was drained, and, eventually, once again became farmland.

In 1937, Edward Lorey built a home on the land and, three years later, he refilled the lake and started work on the Calumet, ultimately, finishing the dance hall in 1941.  The popular hall changed ownership in 1954, when Lorey sold the facility to Ed and Rosie Reese who then operated it for 53 years until selling it in 2007 (Ed passed in 2002).  For the next five or so years under the new ownership of Steve and Helene Crews, the facility operated as the Calumet Lake Tavern, apparently, ending the business in approximately 2012.  

Oak Tree Investments purchased the facility in December of 2016, and through much hard work, dedication, and drive has restored the Calumet while doing all they could to “keep the historic nature of the property and to salvage as much of the original architecture” as possible.  

The building’s exterior and entry have been restored.  A new deck with outdoor seating have been added. The front room has a new bar and stone fireplace. HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety needs have all been updated.  The iconic hardwood floors in the actual hall itself have been restored.

A grand re-opening of the facility was held on August 11, 2018, and, with that, The Calumet, now a multi-purpose venue fit for concerts, weddings, receptions, fundraisers, and more, is officially open for business.  The seating capacity can be upwards of 800 and the staff can coordinate catering for any sized event. To schedule your event or to find out additional information, please call 812-319-1281 or email calumet20@gmail.com.  

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